Pelleted organic fertilizer from sheep's droppings

Flovenal is a 100% natural organic fertilizer which come from organic sheep farms in Slovakia. It is produced without using any chemical additives.
By laboratory testing of this bio-fertilizers - was confirmed that it is a product with a balanced ratio of essential nutrients -
N (2.36) : P (1.51) : C (3.60).
This bio-fertilizer is alkaline in nature (pH 8-10) and therefore has a positive effect on the highly acidic agricultural soils.
In addition it includes the humic acid that significantly affect the quality of the soil.
Compared to other fertilizers (horse manure or cow manure) contains more of these trace elements needed for plant growth.
Its most significant benefit is that it is accepted by The Central Controlling and Testing Institute in Agriculture (UKSÚP) as a fertilizer permitted for use in organic/ecological agriculture systems.
UKSUP certificate no. 0983


Chemical and physical properties of FLOVENAL

Percentage of the total dry matter content

The percentage of total nitrogen in dry matter (tot. N) min. 2,36 %
The percentage of total phosphorus in dry matter (tot.P2O5) min. 1,8 %
The percentage of water soluble potassium as K2O in dry matter           min. 6-8 %
The percentage of combustible materials in the dry state min. 50,0 %

Other parameters

pH             8.0 -10.0
Percentage of water            do 18,0 %
Particles below 20 mm in%         to. 100 %
Contain micronutrients     B, Mo, Mn, Cu, Zn



The whole processing of sheep droppings includes storage and composting (fermentation) while natural increase in temperature destroys a large number of present microorganisms. Subsequently, the sheep manure is milled and dried into granules.
During the processing, the fertilizer is deprived of odor, the amount of weed seeds, undesirable bacteria (salmonella), fungi, insects and other pathogens.
Bio-fertilizer Flovenal fulfills all requirements set by the current Slovak legislation in relation to presence of dangerous substances (according to Ordinance MPSR no. 577/2005 of the values of  dangerous substances in fertilizers).
Technological process of production of this fertilizer was confirmed by utility model of Slovak Patent Office.


Flovenal enhance soil fertility, it improves its physical, chemical and biological properties.
As a result of the use of FLOVENAL soil has a greater ability to retain moisture, it improves the porosity and increases its aeration.
The nutrients contained in the pellet are immediately and effectively utilized by soil.